Friday, June 4, 2010

First post!

Hello there!

I have pretty much always had a passion for pink and green. My Make-A-Wish was to design my own Lilly dress. My dorm rooms have been sprinkled with pink and green decor the past two years. As social chair of my sorority, I planned a pink and green spring fling formal. For my sweet 16, I had a pink and green Vineyard Vines and Lilly themed birthday by the pool. When I was sick, I wore only Lilly bandannas.

The past year I have also discovered that I have a passion for politics. When I first entered college, I thought of being an economics or math major with an interest in business. However, this semester I changed my concentration to political science, because I just found it so interesting. I'm not exactly sure what I would like to do with this major, possibly something related to public policy. This summer, I will be putting it in practice as I intern at a small think tank.

I used to picture myself living in New York and Boston upon graduation. My entire life I have lived near Baltimore, but my weekends were always spent in DC and Virginia, or traveling. You could say I'm not too gung ho Baltimorean, but more on the DC side. I never actually appreciated or considered how great of a city DC is until I began to study government. So I'll be sticking here.

This blog is dedicated to my love for politics and anything preppy, two things that don't really go hand in hand. I hope to keep this going for at least the next two years, and we'll see where it goes from there. I hope to give you updates on my college experience, job search, and fashion interests. Follow me as I stick to Vogue's word:

"Sorry to break this news to any Manhattanites still in denial, but Washington, D.C., is the new New York."
- VOGUE, May 2009

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